choosing the quest

In the previous post I talked a little about the urge in me to undertake something big. Having finished “The Happiness of Pursuit” by Chris Guillebeau, the first achievement of many to come, I feel more confident that a quest is something I need to pursue.

Quests come in many forms. Some are done over an extensive period of time while others take significantly less time. Quest are often travel related but there are people attempting quests in the name of activism and humanism. All quests, however, have in common a bigger scope than just a goal. A quest has a set structure and a way to track achievement. Achievement and especially the feeling of pride in my achievements, is one of the crucial feelings I am currently missing in my life. So, why not take on something big?

My problem has never been lack of ambition. I want to learn several languages (and have started learning a couple), I want to run a marathon, I want to travel and see the world. I have created countless lists: bucket-lists, to-travel-lists, before-i-die-lists, things-i-want-learn-list. You name it, I have probably made a list about it at some point in my life. I have started many projects, never really pushing through on anything. For some reason there has always been something that held me back. Every time I swore that this time it was going to be different. As of yet, I still have to prove myself right. Maybe it is a lack of discipline, a lack of commitment or maybe I haven’t yet found a goal I really actively want to pursue.

Travel has always been an important part of my life. As long as I can remember my parents took me and my sisters on multiple trips a year. I have been blessed to have seen a great many places with them. After turning 18, I set out on trips of my own almost always with a boyfriend in tow. It wasn’t until early this year that, after a break-up a few months prior, I decided to venture out on my own. I bought an interrail ticket and spend 3 weeks railing across Europe, meeting tons of lovely people and experiencing what it was like on my own. At the time I wasn’t ready and the trip was emotionally rather overwhelming but I learned a ton about myself and what I was capable of. Since then the ambition to travel far and wide, solo or with others, has been tugging at my heartstrings stronger than ever.

It is a natural choice to pursue a quest that is travel related. I could fill page after page with places and destinations I want to travel, events I want to attend and foods I want to try. The great thing about a quest is that there are no limitations. I can do anything I want to do. After all, I have my entire life to do it. It makes no sense waiting when I can do something I want to do right now. I have more than enough ideas for a quest, all of them crazier and bigger than the last. Everyone can go through life, but I have decided that I want to start living it. I am going to live life forever, or die in the attempt.


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