Interrail Trip January 2016: Berlin Part II


Day 2 on my trip and my second day in Berlin was much more sociable. This entire day I got to hang out with two very nice girls. The day was cloudless, the sun was shining but it was still bitter, bitter cold. After a morning outside in the cold we therefore opted to spend the afternoon in the warmth of a heated place.

First we grabbed some breakfast closed to the hostel. One thing I hadn’t quite thought through before I left is how much money I would spend on food. Next time I travel I have to make sure that I am not being cheap about filling food. After all, food is part of the enjoyment! After breakfast we took the U-Bahn to wander around the East Side Gallery, click the link to read more about my experience there!


We managed to stay out almost an hour but then we literally fled back inside to enjoy some outstanding culinary dishes at .. McDonalds. Ah well, sometimes you just need hot and familiar food. We knew for sure that another activity outside was going to turn us into popsicles so the afternoon me and my new friend Giulia went to visit the Jewish Museum.


The walk there was nice. The air was crisp and the sun was shining and it felt much warmer than in the morning. But still, the one second I took off my glove for this picture I instantly regretted.


I wasn’t really paying attention all that well when I was reading about this museum. I had thought that this was a museum mostly focused on the Holocaust. Instead the museum focused on the history of Judaism as a whole. Seems quite logical as it is called “The Jewish Museum” and not the “The Holocaust Museum”.. The first exhibit was about the Holocaust though. The silver faces on the ground represented all the Jews deported during WWII. The room was filled with it. Although I am pretty sure that there wasn’t a face for every Jew, the sheer number that were in there now was enough to give me the chills.

I knew little to nothing about Judaism so it was nice to read up on some history and to have some of the most famous rituals explained to me. I have always been a fan of history so this was right up my alley. The museum was laid out nice and clear and the exhibits where interesting.

Of course no visit to Berlin is complete without stepping foot in the shopping mecca KaDeWe. The Christmas tree was appropriately over the top and they had a great gourmet food selection on the top floor. Obviously way above backpacker budget, but one can always drool. Weirdly enough the store closed at 6 so we didn’t have a lot of time to walk around.


We ended the day by having some typical German Currywurst mit pommes. It was absolutely delicious! Despite the cold I had a really great day and after some drinks in the hostel bar I went to bed a happy person!

The East Side Gallery can be visited free of charge. The Jewish Museum is located at Lindenstrasse 9-14. Entrance to the museum is 8 euro, reduced 3 euro. 


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